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Physicist Stephen Hawkins claims nothing existed before Big Bang

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The one question which is still a big mystery is what exactly happened before the Big Bang? While scientists are trying their level best to come up with an answer, physicist Stephen Hawkins claims that he might have got an answer to the baffling question already.

Hawkins recently appeared on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s National Geographic show “StarTalk” which was aired on National Geographic Channel. During the show, Professor Hawking explained that the beginning of the universe is curved.

According to the world-renowned physicist, there is also nothing beyond the Big Bang just like there is nothing beyond the South Pole.

“The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary. In order terms, the Euclidian space-time is a closed surface without end, like the surface of the Earth” Hawkins stated on the Star Talk show. “One can regard imaginary and real-time beginning at the South Pole, which is a smooth point of space-time where the normal laws of physics hold. There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the big bang.”

He told Neil deGrasse Tyson that time existed in a ‘bent’ state amid the almost infinitely small quantum foam of the singularity before Big Bang came into existence. The word singularity implies that the universe came into existence from a single point in space.

Hawkins went on to explain that time was distorted along another dimension, it was always reaching closer to nothing but didn’t become anything.

In simple words, according to Hawkins, there never was a Big Bang that created something from nothing. He added that a lot of what people believe is derived from a human-centric perspective, which might limit the scope of human knowledge of the world.

“There was never a Big Bang that produced something from nothing,” Hawking said. “It just seemed that way from mankind’s perspective.”

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