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Teenager Alyssa Carson might be the first human to step on Mars

NASA has plans to send a manned mission to Mars in 2033. But the big question is who will be the first human to set foot on the Red Planet. It seems the US space agency has already found the perfect candidate for the task who is Alyssa Carson, a 17-year-old Louisiana resident. Alyssa was born on March 10, 2001, in Hammond, Louisiana.

Although Carson cannot apply for NASA’s astronaut training program until she turns 18 years old, she is well on her way to becoming a part of the US space agency’s first manned mission to Mars. She has completed NASA Passport Program, having visited all the NASA Visitor Centres across the US. The17-year-old is also the youngest person to graduate from Advanced Possum Academy and this makes her technically certified to go into space.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, Alyssa opened up about her obsession with Mars explorations and rovers. She revealed that she has been to space camp in Turkey, Canada, and Huntsville, Missouri, 18 times in the last 10 years.

“I started watching videos of rovers landing on Mars,” the teenager said. “I had a gigantic map of Mars in my room I would look at. We started getting telescopes so we could look at space.”

Until now, Alyssa has undergone training to survive in extremely hostile conditions like microgravity and oxygen deprived environment. She is learning three extra languages- French, Chinese and Spanish. The girl is also working on her pilot’s license, scuba diving certification, and underwater survival training.

Alyssa also revealed about her future plans of becoming a teacher or the president one day after retiring from her astronaut job.

“But the way I always thought about it was I would become an astronaut, go to Mars, come back, and then be a teacher or the president” she stated.

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