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Axiom Space is charging $55 million for an eight days long trip to space

Houston-based space tourism company Axiom Space is working towards building the world’s first commercial space station. They have come with a new offer for those who wish to head for a vacation to space. The company has reportedly begun now accepting reservations for $55 million, in advance of the space station’s planned opening in 2022.

Space enthusiasts will have to shell out a whopping sum of $55 million for the eight days long trip to space. The package deal will also include a 15-week training course before the flight to prepare tourists for space travel. The Axiom Space station will be able to fit eight passengers at a go, one of which will be a real-life trained astronaut.

Axiom Space CEO and NASA veteran Mike Suffredini has said that three people have already registered for on-the-ground training, which comes with a cost of $1 million. He added that his company is offering a $5 million discount on the inaugural trip to the Axiom space station.

French designer Philippe Starck, who is also known as “industrial design’s Willy Wonka” is designing the Axiom space station. The current floor plan of the facility includes crew quarters, a dining area and a galley. The space station’s private cabins will reportedly feature glass-walled cupolas where travelers can take in a more panoramic view of Earth, walls padded with cream-colored, suede-like fabric and hundreds of tiny LED lights.

The space station will have gold-plated or leather-wrapped hands hold for navigation. The tourists will also get free Wi-Fi facility available in the space. Some of the other features that will be offered to the travelers include a fiberglass torso, a drink tube for consuming small sips of water and a hygiene compartment where they will be able to sponge bath.

The station is scheduled to start operations in 2022, but Axiom Space claims that they will begin sending travelers into orbit as early as 2020.

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